Artifact 2.0 Eliminate Card Trading System

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Trying to bring the concept of card games in the real world a la Magic the Gathering to the digital world, what Valve is trying to do with Artifact has resulted in failure. The concept of having to buy card packs to build a deck as an economic basis is not a concept that can be accepted by many gamers, especially seeing how other competitor games appear with a more friendly monetization scheme. The result? Artifact ended up dying in such a short time. But instead of giving up, Valve still believes in the potential of this one game. Artifact returned to the internal team to “remix”.

After being a mystery, Valve finally spoke about what we can anticipate from this “2.0” version of Artifact. In its official blog post, Valve confirmed the gameplay changes that now allow gamers to directly access three lanes at once instead of turning like in the first version. This change makes gamers have more strategies to execute.



Biggest change? They officially discarded the card trading system, so Artifact didn’t fall into the pay to win concept like the previous version. As a replacement? New cards can be opened and obtained by simply playing. Valve admits that they will look for other ways to gain money from Artifact, but this scheme will not be related to the card / pack at all. This new version is also confirmed to come with new card variants and the elimination of some old cards, which makes the previous version of the deck or strategy no longer usable.

Valve also plans to release a new beta for Artifact 2.0 in the future, with gamers who have purchased the previous version as priority recipients. They hope that this beta period will not last long and that they will be able to re-release Artifact in its new form in the final version as soon as possible.



How about you? How many of you are optimistic that the second version of Artifact will succeed by removing the card trading system?

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