Artifact – Fate of Valve’s Card Game

Written by Tarnieb

In an effort to refocus on making games rather than constantly being a distributor, Valve has now announced the presence of their own original game entitled Artifact. This game is a Hearthstone-style card game that takes the whole story and characters in the world of DOTA 2. From what players have felt about this game during the closed period, there is a deep sense of disappointment from them regarding the entire content on Artifact. Even on Reddit they have been busy calling on players not to buy this game or cancel pre-orders that have already been made.

This game can be said to be very cruel torture your wallet. Because in addition to having to prepare money to buy it (not a free to play game), you also have to spend deeply to get the additional cards you want. Whether it’s buying a random pack priced at $ 2, buying and selling (there is a discount fee from Valve) cards directly from the marketplace, to winning an event mode that can only be entered using a premium ticket (pay again).

Regarding the card pack that was presented has also caused a problem of its own. Although Valve guarantees you to get 1 hero card out of 12 ready-to-get cards, the starter cards that you already have when you buy this game are in fact included in 1 pool of these premium packs. The event mode rules that can only be followed by using premium tickets are also quite cruel. Where you are required to win several games in a row in order to get a certain card pack. If you lose, your prize will be forfeited and you have to start over from the beginning.

Many deeply regret Valve’s policy of inserting so many pay-per-content content in games which attracts it to be paid. Public figures in the card game world such as Savjz and Disguised Toast agree that the massive presence of paywall content has seriously injured this game.

Through the complaints expressed by many of the parties above, Valve itself has heard and through the latest notification they have made several piracy to the content system that can be found immediately during the open beta period. For example, the existence of a practice mode and the ability for you to recycle unused cards to become premium tickets. Until now, Valve is still open to hearing various feedback from players regarding their way of monetizing this game.

Valve, which we see as a developer, has always been successful, now finally tasting a bitter pill, because the popularity of Artifact is getting sad from time to time. At the beginning of its release, Artifact had a total of more than 60 thousand active players, and now the Valve concoction card game only has 6 thousand active players. The decline occurred less than 1.5 months since the game was released on Steam, the price is quite expensive with a system that is considered “pay to win” making players annoyed and ended up leaving this one game.

Artifact itself was released on November 28, 2018, will Artifact be able to survive and restore its glory?

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