Athenion: Tactical CCG – Trading Card Game From Zero Bit

Athenion was released globally in November 2019 and already has many active players in it. Athenion is a new TCG mobile game that has a different gameplay feel from the usual TCG games. Athenion combines Trading Card Game genre games with Board Game Strategy into one. Athenion can be downloaded for the Android platform via Playstore and iOS via the Apple Store directly.



The feel of the Board Game will be felt when players start battles in the Athenion game. They try to incorporate aspects in the current trending TCG games such as Hearthstone, Eternal, and Shadowverse into the board game battle. The Athenion game itself is also quite balanced with the number of cards, which is more than 400 cards that players can use. There are 6 factions that players can use in the game and each faction has its own deck and card strategy that players can work on.

The course of the battle is also quite exciting where players must try to keep the cards (units) able to survive in the battle arena. Damage will be given to enemy heroes if the opposing player’s card (unit) can survive in the battle arena after 1 turn for both players to finish. The amount of damage dealt depends on which soul each card (unit) has in the arena. With a total HP of 30 for each hero, the battle is not too long and the players don’t get bored.



As a game that has the Trading Card Game genre, of course, graphics are one of the aspects that you rely on. Likewise with this Athenion game, Athenion has pretty good graphics and is on par with other TCG games. In addition, as a game that has just been released, Athenion has applied the option settings to adjust the quality of the FPS and the graphics that players want to use.

This makes players who have fast internet connections and gaming smartphones or players with slow internet connections and basic smartphones can play Athenion games without a problem. The bugs and glinches in the game were also invisible and made the Zero Bit developer really prepare the Athenion game in detail.



The features provided in the Athenion game are quite a lot and interesting. First, there are Daily Quests and Missions that players can run to get rewards. Zero Bit is also very consistent in updating existing quests and missions. Then there are battle event modes, frendly match, practice, and normal matches (ranked and casual) in the game.

Unfortunately, like most grinding type games, there are bonus missions and quests for players who upgrade their accounts to premium (battle pass). The rewards given will also be different from the usual ones and seem special. To upgrade to premium (battle pass) players must first buy it for 680 diamonds.

Furthermore, there are also cosmetic items in the game. Players can purchase and modify card sleeves, hero skins, and battle skins in the game. Make players even more excited to play the Athenion game and feel a different sensation than usual. These cosmetic items can be purchased as well as complete existing missions.



The interesting thing about Athenion here is the lore of the game and also the characters in the game that follow Shadowvere. Where the existing characters are made similar to the Japanese anime manga version so that it will attract many players to the Athenion game. Each character has its own Lore and describes the deck strategy they use.

Then Zero Bit also seems to be very concerned about balancing in the game, if there is a card that seems too strong then there will be a patch update to balance it. The problem was whether they would give battle pass users a favor in the future. The competitiveness of the game will depend on it. Free to play players, of course, don’t want this and it will likely bore them to play the Athenion game.



The Athenion game is perfect for players who like the Trading Card Game genre, especially those with a concept like Shadowverse. Athenion will give a different impression from a TCG game usually because this game combines a similar board game concept. If TCG players are bored with TCG games in general or want to play new TCG concepts, Athenion is the answer.

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