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Card is a universal game medium that is always used by game creators to create a very addictive game to be played on all platforms. Starting from the card game that presents an all-round automatic battle action, games like Solitaire, even dueling strategies between card holders such as Hearthstone, Solforge, and others. All of this provides interesting entertainment that gives us reason to keep staring at the screen for several game sessions.

Card Crawl itself is one of the many card games that stole my attention this week. This game made by TinyTouch Tales presents a card game that is so simple, yet very effective to make you have fun for more than one session.


Race and Strategy Spend Cards in One Deck

There are five types of cards in the Card Crawl game: potion, weapons, shields, skills, and monsters. The rules of the Card Crawl game are arguably very simple. Here your goal is to endure spending the deck of cards held by the dealer in a tricky and strategic way from each card in the game arena. As the hero, your job is to fight to the last row without having to run out of lives listed on your avatar card.

The same is true for the card game rules out there, Card Crawl. invite strategic players in the use of card resources that are very, very limited. For this reason, in Card Crawl you are given two card slots for using items (weapons / potions) and one backpack slot for storing the cards you need in the future. If your dodging strategy is successful, the opponent’s minotaur will display an expression of anger.

In addition to card items in the form of potions, weapons, and shields, here you will find monster type cards that indirectly become your opponents throughout the game. To deal with monster cards you can use weapon cards to instantly kill them, or block / reduce the damage they produce with shield cards.

If you don’t have the two cards I mentioned above, you can only receive monster card damage as long as your avatar’s life doesn’t reach zero. Of course, not all monster cards you can handle with this kind of strategy, except when there are lots of potions on the table.

In addition to monster cards and items, in Card Crawl you will also find special cards that will change the flow of the playing strategy. Starting from the Shield Bash to make you attack with a shield card, Potionize to turn an item card into a Potion, and others. All of these special cards can be collected by simply playing and collecting each coin card in the game arena.

Open All Features in One Time Purchase

In the Android version, you can’t use all the cards that you get if you don’t have an IAP unlock. One thing to note in this game is that Card Crawl is actually a paid game where you can enjoy almost 60% of the game for free. If after playing for several sessions you are then interested in opening all the features stored in it, then I recommend you to buy the unlock feature in Card Crawl.

By purchasing this feature, you will unlock a very crucial Construct Card feature to manage the use of special cards that you have previously collected. So in other words, the thrill of the game that you feel at the beginning of the game is actually a demo, and you need to pay 3 bucks to fully enjoy this game.

In addition to Construct Card, buying this game also unlocks the Daily Quest feature where you will be given special objectives whose solution will give you an avatar of new characters, dealers, and monster cards to fight. This feature clearly adds to the excitement of the Card Crawl game, because you will encounter more complex challenges than before.

Conclusion: The Most Unique Card Game You Must Try This Month

Another thing that becomes an added value of Card Crawl is the delicious presentation of its pastel-style paintings which is delicious to watch. Not only that, the preparation of a simple and effective interface design also gives the impression that the game is easy to understand, without having to burden the players by exposing rules that are wordy.

Beyond its advantages as a card game, I must admit the choice of modes in the Card Crawl game is still very limited. But for me personally this is not something that deserves a problem, because in the future there might be additional modes introduced by Tiny TouchTales through the latest updates.

Overall, Card Crawl is an exciting card game experience to try this month. If you get bored with the more complex Hearthstone game, then Card Crawl will be a simple reference that makes you fall in love with the card game again.

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