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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a great game, received many positive reviews as well as many awards in the gaming world. Unfortunately I can only feel about 15% of this game (before my PC broke). One of the interesting things about The Witcher 3 is the mini-game that is different from the previous 2 games and is quite unique. In the previous 2 games of The Witcher there was a mini-game called “Dice Poker” which as the name implies where players play poker but use dice instead of cards like Poker in general. “Dice Poker” is pretty much the size of a mini-game.

The Witcher 3 introduces “Gwent”, a card game with a different gameplay from other card games I’ve played, no wonder Gwent is gaining a lot of fans for its addictive gameplay. Gwent was so famous that finally CD Project Red (Developer The Witcher) made a separate version which can now be played for free through site for PC, Xbox One, and PS 4. for the PC version players are required to install GoG Galaxy if they want to play this game (no news yet if this game will enter Steam). Even though it has a testing period for certain circles for months, I myself can only play this game for about 2 weeks before entering the Public Test because of a problem with my Antivirus.

How To Play?

In simple terms, here are the rules and how to play Gwent according to the latest updates:

  • players make a deck with a minimum number of cards 25, choose one of the 5 available factions, and choose 1 leader from the 3 available leaders.
  • There are 3 rounds in 1 Gwent game, the player who wins 2 rounds will be the winner.
  • Round 1 starts with players drawing 10 cards from their own deck and can exchange a maximum of 3 cards.
  • each player can only play 1 card in each turn, each card played will affect the total points the player has at that time.
  • The game will end when 2 players run out of playable cards OR both players select Passed.
  • After one player announces Passed, the other players can play as many cards as they want until they announce Passed.
  • the winner will be determined based on the highest total points.
  • after one round is finished, the arena will be cleared (points return to ZERO).
  • in round 2, players draw 2 additional cards, round 3 may only draw 1 additional card.
  • repeat the above processes until the player gets 2 wins.

Game Overview

Gwent tried to be different with a unique way of playing, only being able to play 1 card per turn turned out to make Gwent look like chess where it takes quite a lot of strategy, not just relying on RNG alone. This system also does not make the interactions between cards simple, but instead makes them complex. The Passed system also makes players think again whether they should force a win in the current round by playing an extra card or even sacrifice this round to win in the next round.

For cards, Gwent has 3 types of rarity which are distinguished by color (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). Players can only enter 6 Silver cards and 4 Gold cards on their deck. Gold card has the advantage that it will not be affected by Bronze and Silver cards. For card types, Gwent has 5 different card types depending on the position of the cards being played (melee, ranged, siege, event, and cards that can be placed anywhere) this can be seen from the symbols on the top left of each card, and 1 card. Leader who can be played only once. These leaders have various abilities.

Choose Your Faction

  • Nilfgaard

Nilfgaard has 2 playing styles, the first is Spy unit where this card is installed in the opponent’s arena but can have an effect that benefits Nilfgaard players, the second is Revealed where several cards can make Nilfgaard players or their opponents show their cards, aka peeking at opponent’s cards. , this of course makes Nilfgaard players can guess the opponent’s movement 1-2 steps ahead, even some Nilfgaard cards will get a bonus if the card is Revealed.

  • Monster

Cards in the Monster faction can produce (spawn / Breed) other monsters, and like monsters in general, some monster cards have the ability to consume “eat” other cards and take their power, some monster cards can even give additional bonuses if the card is ” consume “.

  • Skellige

Skellige looks like a pirate who refuses to die, Skellige is very happy if their card is thrown into the Graveyard because it will activate several bonuses and later can be revived. Skellige is the strongest deck to date, with the Tuirseach Axeman / Queensguard Clan as its main axis.

  • Northern Realms

Northern Realms uses technology as its main strength with machine type cards, but what’s the point of a machine without a user ??? for that Northern Realm has a Crewman type card where this card will be able to increase the ability of Machine cards if they are placed side by side. Don’t like technology ?? Northern Realms itself also has various warriors (Blue Stripes) ready to appear anytime and anywhere as long as their summoning conditions are met.

  • Scoia’tael

Is a group of Elves who try to fight oppression, besides having Dwarf troops supporting each other, Scoia’tael has an “Ambush” type card where this card is played face down and only opens after the conditions are met, this makes Scoia’tael’s player total power. hard to guess.


A card game to be reckoned with where currently this genre is dominated by Random elements with a fairly outrageous amount (Cough Hearthstone and Shadowverse), Gwent shines because the gameplay is very unique and does not force players to play aggressively (something I often encounter in games- other games).

It’s just that because Gwent has quite complex rules, maybe ordinary people will find it difficult to adapt to Gwent. But give it a little time and feel for yourself how unique this card game is.

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