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It has been almost a month since Netmarble Corp announced that Magic: ManaStrike has been officially released worldwide worldwide. To be precise, on January 30, 2020, Magic: ManaStrike has turned the excitement of the Wizards of the Coast series Magic: The Gathering into fast-paced PvP strategy gameplay. Quick and easy to learn, fans can experience dynamic real-time battles with people from all over the world in a three-minute battle.

Although it may be easy to play, this game can feel difficult to master at first. Luckily, Magic: ManaStrike offers simple strategy and tactic gameplay through a friendly interface. Well, for those of you who still find it difficult to enjoy the world of Magic: The Gathering which is extraordinary with original spells and characters through the high-quality 3D display packaged in the mobile version, then here are a few tips & tricks to better master the game.

Use the Planeswalker Card strategically

Players will get as many as 3 Planeswalker Cards in every match, so make sure that you use them as well as possible to provide maximum benefits. After using all cards, you can get additional Planeswalker Cards by destroying the opponent’s Sub Guardian in the “Sudden Death” phase.

Make your best deck

Take the time to study the cards so you can figure out how to combine your decks. Find out your flagship card that can be combined well with other cards. Try making a deck of 5 Mana colors, and train them all in Training Mode before you join the match. Best deck comes out with expensive money. You able to shortcut them by using this ios mod. It will help you bypass some of the progress.

Choose the Planeswalker that is right for you

Each Planeswalker has unique features and abilities. Make sure you try all of them to find the best Planeswalker for you. You might be surprised to find out if he’s your favorite!

Use ManaStrike wisely

ManaStrike starts within 60 seconds before the game ends. Mana will fill up to 2 times faster during ManaStrike, so use your time wisely.

Play a ‘Ranked Match’ for better rewards

Play your Ranked Match and Level Up Rank for better rewards. Ranked Match will pair you with other players who have the same Rank Point. The higher the Rank, then you can get various Rank Titles and Icons to show off.

Upgrade Magic Pass for abundant rewards

Magic Pass allows players to see progress as they collect Spark. Destroy the opponent’s Guardian to receive Spark up to the daily maximum limit, and complete the Quest to receive more Spark. Touch the ‘Magic Pass’ icon to see ongoing quests, and get more cards and boosters too.

Learn the advantages of the card

Use Planeswalker, Creature, and Spell Cards strategically for best results. For example, take a ‘Wargate’ Card to summon the Wargate beside the Main Guardian, and issue a Creature Card through the Wargate to get past the Sub Guardian and directly attack the Main Guardian. Take out Nissa’s Planeswalker Cards around the range of Range Units, and use Nissa’s skills to increase ATK yourself and Ally around. Finally, there is a Creature Card that will only attack Guardians. Use this Creature to destroy your opponent’s Guardian quickly.

Log in every day to get free items

Free items in the Daily Shop are updated every 24 hours. You can get the first free item every day and you can reset the shop once without paying to get the second free item.

Join the Team to get stronger

The Team provides extraordinary advantages, such as players can request cards from other Team members to fill slots and Level Up cards. In the Team Shop, players can use Team Coin (reward currency) to buy cards.

Magic: ManaStrike is available on the App Store and Google Play, and is released globally in 13 languages ​​of instruction, namely English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Russian , and Portuguese.

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