Marvel Duel TCG Review

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Are you familiar with the titles of this game, such as Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, Card Captor Sakura, Heart Stone? These games are the “card trading battle” genre games that are so phenomenally famous to all corners of the world.

The trading card battle game itself is an adaptation of conventional trading card battles to digital following the current development of communication technology. In other words, you can play with other people anytime and anywhere.

Now, one of the trading card battle games that the author currently hates is Marvel Duel: Asemmble Them All. The game, which has just been released for a week, is the creation of the game producer NetEase, which has also popularized other games such as LifeAfter, Onmyoji, Knives Out, Super Mecha Champion, and so on.

Like the name Marvel Duel, this game is a franchise from Marvel Studio where this card trading battle uses superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There are several Marvel superhero characters that players can choose from, namely Iron Man, Thor, Spiderman, Star Lord (Guardian of Galaxy). Some other superheroes, such as Elektra, Hela, and Captain Marvel, must be obtained beforehand to play.

Like the gameplay of a trading card battle game in general, players must choose three main superhero characters and prepare a deck or collection of collectible cards that they want to compete with five other players. The top three players who can survive until the end of the game are declared the winner.

The main superhero that the player chooses has a “skill” that can be used when competing. For example, Iron Man, where during the 3rd round, Iron Man has the skill option to add attacks to each card that is played if the player has 4 gems left.

This Marvel Duel game is interesting to play, because not only do players have to rack their brains to compete with each other in order to win.

But this game also provides features like a Role Playing Games (RPG) game where players can upgrade or increase both the player’s level and their superhero character, of course also collect various other cards from common to legendary rankings. Then there is also an adventure feature if players want to hone their skills to complete the given mission.

Counting a week playing the Marvel Duel game. The author is amazed at how quality it is. Apart from the neat three-dimensional animation appeal of Marvel superheroes, this game has pretty good content where there are minimal bugs and almost you can say that no one superhero is too superior to the others.

The flow of the power balance of each superhero deck I observe is still quite balanced with one another. The combination of decks and the right strategy plus the luck or luck factor will allow you to be the winner.

Even though this game provides a paid feature where players can get benefits, the randomize factor of this game is very difficult to predict, so it is purely about how players arrange their strategy and card decks.

The author sees that the potential of the Marvel Duel game is likely to be good in the future. In addition to the realm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is very wide, where there is a big opportunity for the emergence of other Marvel superheroes and villains such as the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Sinister Six, and so on.

The Marvel Duel game is likely to be a candidate for an eSports game that will compete with other genre games such as PUBG, CODM, Mobile Legend.

It’s just that the challenge going forward is how the game ecosystem is, whether it can develop along with the addition of significant players and the support of sponsors so that the eSports match titled Marvel Duel can be realized.

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