Playing UNO Flip When Stay at Home

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While working at home, it never hurts to stop for a moment by resting or playing games for the sake of relieving fatigue. Maybe the UNO Flip card game can be an option to be played with the family. In addition to being entertainment, this game can also create quality time with family.

The UNO card game has been developed since 1971 by Merle Robbins. Since then, the card game UNO has grown in popularity until it became an International Games since 1992.

With growing popularity, UNO released the latest version, namely UNO Flip. The way to play it is the same as the original UNO, it’s just that many new features make the game more fun.

In accordance with the name ‘flip’ which indicates that in the game there will be a time where the card will be flipped to the other side. Why flip the card? Yes, UNO Flip has two card sides, namely Light Side (white border) and Dark Side (black border).

Each side has its own Action Card. As with the Light Side there are action cards such as Reverse cards (reverse turn), Draw One card (the next player must take one card from the draw pile), Skip card (stop the next player’s turn), Wild card (the player who plays this card may change the color that is being played as he wishes), Wild Draw Two cards (same as wild cards, only the next player must draw two cards from the draw pile), and the last is the core action card of this game, Flip card (change the card side of Light to Dark).

When the side of the card is changed, the flow of the game also changes. For example the color being played is red, when the flip card appears and the card is flipped to the other side, the color being played also changes. Not only the player’s card is reversed, the cards in the draw pile and discard pile must also be flipped. The card that has just been played will be in the lowest stack.

Then Dark Side also has its own Action Card, which is Draw Five card (the next player must take five cards from the draw pile), Reverse card (turn back turn), Skip Everyone card (stop the turn of all players, turn back to the player playing the card this), Wild card (the player who plays this card may change the color that is being played as he wishes), Wild Draw Color card (same as wild card, the difference is the next player must draw cards from the draw pile until he finds a card with the color the player wants before ), and finally the Flip card (changing the card side from Dark to Light).

With the different action cards, giving each side of the character cards and making the flow of the game more dynamic. This game always starts from the Light Side, so when the flip card is activated and changes the side to the Dark Side, the atmosphere created becomes hotter, because the action cards on the Dark Side are more inclined to harm the player.

Create quality time with family at home by playing card games. Besides being fun, this game is also friendly for children and eyesight, because we don’t need to stare at the computer or smartphone screen for long. After playing, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and running water!

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