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Spell Power Grasp placement is a dick move

Discussion in 'Cards' started by LightMcPunch, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. LightMcPunch

    LightMcPunch New Member

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    I really think that placing Spell Power Grasp in a small pack is a dick move. There are other SR cards you want more than 1 off from other small booster packs, but they are useful on their own. With Spell Power Grasp you NEED to reset 2 times to be able to use it, since you need 3 of them for them to be useful. You could pay money during special deals and hope for the Bonus SR card to be grasp, but you still have to be very lucky there.
    I think they should replace that card, or change it to rare.
    I understand that Konami like us to spend money, which is fair i moderation, but there is fair bussnes, and then there is just being a dick.

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