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Hello duelist friends, this time Yugioh Duelist will explain about the types of monste cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Oh yes, what YuDI will explain is not the type of monster (monster type) but the types of colorful monster cards. Until now, there are 8 types of monster cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! What are you doing? Just take a look at YuDI’s explanation of the 8 Types of Monster Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

  1. Normal Monster

Normal Monster can be recognized by duelist friends by its yellowish frame color. This Normal Monster does not have any special abilities, so it can only use ATK, DEF, and its name. Name?!! Yes, sometimes there are other card effects that require us to use another card with a certain name, so it’s not necessarily that Normal Monster is useless. To distinguish from Effect Monster, all text in the Normal Monster description box will be italicized. Although Normal Monster does not have special abilities, there are many other cards that have good synergy with Normal Monsters such as: Rescue Rabbit, Summoner’s Art, Swing of Memories, and others. One example of a deck that uses Normal Monster as its main weapon is a deck from the Phantasm Spiral archetype. Currently, the Normal Monster with the largest ATK record is held by Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Previously, in the ability column (the first line in the description column in bold) only said Monster-Type (and Secondary-type if any). But after Starter Deck: Link Strike, all Normal Monsters have “/ NORMAL” in the ability column.

  1. Effect Monster

The Monster Effect is easily recognized by its slightly orange frame color. Besides that, there is also the words “/ EFFECT” in the ability column. Each Effect Monster also has a special ability written in the description box. Effect Monster is currently the most mainstream type of monster card, and is also the most frequently used. Because there are so many abilities, the special abilities of this Monster Effect are classified into 4, namely: Ignition Effect, Trigger Effect, Quick Effect, and Continuous Effect. What are they? Well, YuDI will explain it in a special article, so it’s not too long.

Although the Effect Monster can be recognized by its special frame color, other types of monsters such as Ritual Monster, Fusion Monster, Synchro Monster, XYZ Monster, Pendulum Monster, and Link Monster that have “/ EFFECT” written in the ability column are also categorized as Effect Monster. This needs to be remembered by all duelist friends because some cards will specifically mention “Effect Monster” on the card’s ability.

  1. Ritual Monsters

Ritual Monsters can be recognized by their blue colored frames. This Monster Ritual must be summoned in a special way, namely by performing the Summon Ritual. For this Summon Ritual, a special Ritual Spell Card is needed, which duelist friends can see on the card effect of the Ritual Monster in question. YuDI will discuss everything about Summon Rituals in a special article. This Ritual Monster can only be summoned via Special Summon, so duelist friends cannot summon it via Normal Summon or Tribute Summon. What’s more, duelist friends can’t Special Summon Ritual Monsters from Graveyard or banish ones, unless the Monster Ritual has gone through the Summon Ritual before.

Ritual Monster and Ritual Spell will be on the Main Deck, so normally to summon this monster duelist friends must have the Ritual Monster and Ritual Spell partner on hand.

  1. Fusion Monsters

If the Ritual Monster is blue, if this Fusion Monster has a purple frame, some say violet. But duelist friends can certainly distinguish these two types of cards. What’s more, Fusion Monsters will be on the Extra Deck. Apart from having “/ FUSION” in the ability section, Fusion Monster also has a unique first line in its description box. This first line is the cards needed to summon this Fusion Monster. And this summoning can only be done via Fusion Summon, using a special Polymerization Spell Card. But there are also some cards that can replace Polymerization to do Fusion Summon, and all of those will be discussed in a special article.

  1. Synchro Monster

You could say this is the most famous card in Yu-Gi-Oh! because the frame color is white. Like Fusion Monster, this Synchro Monster will be on the Extra Deck and has a unique first line, namely the monsters needed to summon the Synchro Monster. This summon is called Synchro Summon, and duelist friends will need a Tuner Monster, one of the Secondary-types of monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! Take it easy, later YuDI will explain specifically about Synchro Summon if duelist friends are still unfamiliar with this one monster. And of course Synchro Monster will have “/ SYNCHRO” in its abilities.

  1. Xyz Monster

It doesn’t read like the XYZ Dragon Cannon card, but reads “eksiiz”. The word Xyz is from “exceed”. This Xyz Monster has a black frame color and will be on the Extra Deck. As with other monsters from Extra Deck, Xyz Monsters will also have a unique first line, namely the monsters required to summon these monsters, which are usually two or more monsters of the same level. Uniquely, this Xyz Monster has no Level, the stars on this card have a darker color and are aligned to the left, and these stars represent Rank. So you could say cards that have an effect on level monsters won’t work against Xyz Monster. For those who are curious about how to summon this one monster, just look at the article about Xyz Summon.

  1. Pendulum Monster

This monster is very unique because it can be said to be combined with a Spell Card, so the lower part of the frame will be green. Until now, Pendulum Monster “sticks” to Normal Monster, Effect Monster, Fusion Monster, Synchro Monster, and Xyz monster. So the color of the top of the frame will vary depending on which Pendulum Monster is “attached” to which type of monster card. Because it is half a Spell Card, this Pendulum Monster can be played as a Spell in the Pendulum Zone in a face-up position, not face-down. Now this will be useful for Pendulum Summon which YuDI will explain in a special article. Apart from having “/ PENDULUM” written in the ability section, Pendulum Monster will have two description boxes. Simply put, the description box above, or commonly known as the Pendulum Effect, can be used when the Pendulum Monster is in the Pendulum Zone. And the description box below will be used when the Pendulum Monster is not in the Pendulum Zone. All Pendulum Monsters also have an arrow and number icon on them, this is known as the Pendulum Scale, which will only activate when this card is in the Pendulum Zone and will be useful for performing Pendulum Summons.

Uniquely, if the Pendulum Monster will be sent from the field to the Graveyard, the Pendulum Monster will be stored on the Extra Deck in a face-up position. Pendulum Monster which is also a Fusion Monster, Synchro Monster, and Xyz Monster will remain on the Extra deck in a closed position at the beginning of the game. Meanwhile, the other Pendulum Monsters will be on the Main Deck.

  1. Link Monsters

The newest type of monster card currently has the same frame color as Ritual Monster, which is blue, it’s just that this Link Monster has a hexagon pattern that looks like a honeycomb on the frame. What’s more, Link Monster will be on the Extra Deck, so it’s guaranteed that it won’t knock. Apart from having “/ LINK” in the abilities section, Link Monsters have no Level or Rank. Uniquely, Link Monster also does not have DEF points, so Link Monster cannot be changed to a defensive position, let alone face-down, and sometimes this condition will benefit duelist friends in the game. In exchange for DEF points, Link Monsters have Link Ratings. Simply put, Link Rating is the amount of material needed to summon the Link Monster. For example, the writing “Link – 2” means it takes 2 materials to be called. Now all of that will be thoroughly discussed in the special article Link Summon.

Besides that, Link Monster also has 8 arrows around the card artwork. Among these 8 arrows, there will be arrows that glow red as much as the Link Rating owned by the Link Monster. These flaming arrows are known as Link Arrow, or in the OCG and anime versions they will be referred to as Link Markers. Now the Main Monster Zone that Link Arrow points to can be filled with monsters summoned from the Extra Deck. So for duelist friends who want to summon lots of monsters from Extra Deck, YuDI recommends mastering Link Summon first.

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