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Confused how to summon rituals in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links? What cards do I need on the ritual deck? Check out the tips and tricks in this article!

Summon rituals or rituals are one of the techniques in TCG Yu-Gi-Oh! which is used to summon ritual monsters. Usually this technique uses a ritual spell card concerned with the existing ritual monsters. Well, the ritual card itself is quite a lot in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Of course, just like fusion, the summon ritual also has its own way. So, what is the summon ritual method like?

As mentioned before, each monster needs a ritual card that matches the one printed on their effect text. Keep in mind that the spell cards of each monster are different.

So, how do you know the ritual spell cards with interconnected ritual monsters? Enter the card menu of the monster / spell ritual, then press “Related Cards”. Then you will get the monster / spell card needed for the ritual. Pay attention to the following steps:

Select the ritual monster card (purple card) that you want to use on the deck, for example: Skull Guardian. Then press “Related Cards.” ∇ Results from “Related Cards”. Red circled is the spell card you need for the Skull Guardian summon ritual. ∇

Choose a ritual spell card (usually it says “This card is used for Summon Rituals on the card’s description”), for example: Novox’s Prayer. Then press “Related Cards.” Results from “Related Cards”. Red-circled are monsters that can be summoned with Novox’s Prayer spells. ∇

Keep in mind once again, that to perform a summon ritual you must have the relevant monsters and spells in hand. In contrast to fusion, ritual monsters are not placed on extra decks.

If you have a monster card and a ritual spell in your hand, all you need next is to sacrifice another monster in your hand or field (depending on the ritual spell). The number of levels (stars) of sacrificed monsters must be the same or more than the level of ritual monsters that you want to summon.

For example: if you want to summon Skull Guardian (level 7), then you have to sacrifice monsters with level 7. The number of monsters is free, and you can even use other ritual monsters to perform rituals, you know!

Well, the way the summon ritual has been completed is explained. Are you interested in building a ritual deck? If you want to build a ritual deck, then here are some cards that are highly recommended for ritual decks:


The following is an explanation of each card:

Fairy’s Blessing is very useful if you want to build a ritual deck with the Light attribute. This card will be a substitute for the spell card for the Light attribute monster summon ritual.

Fulfillment of the Contract has the effect of reviving ritual monsters. But you need to know that the ritual monsters that can be revived are only monsters that you have summoned and destroyed before.

Cage rituals serve as support in the ritual deck. With this card, your ritual monsters will not be affected or destroyed by the effects of the opposing monsters. Really a matching card to protect your ritual monsters!

The Senju of the Thousand Hand is a monster card that is highly recommended in every ritual deck. With this card, you can search and retrieve ritual monsters from your deck. That way, you don’t have to bother waiting for the ritual monsters to get to your hands.

You can use Djinn Prognosticator of Rituals as a tribute for your monster rituals. Uniquely, you can tribute this monster from the graveyard. Besides, if you use this monster for summon rituals, every time your ritual monster deals battle damage to enemy LPs, your enemy must throw one card out of his hand!

Just like the Djinn Prognosticator of Rituals, you can use this Djinn Disserere of Rituals as a sacrifice for your monster rituals from inside the graveyard. Besides, if you sacrifice this monster for ritual, then your ritual monster will not be affected by the effects of trap cards.

The Kuriboh Sphere is a versatile and versatile card, the Kuriboh Sphere is a monster card that is highly recommended for all decks – the ritual deck is no exception. By throwing this card into the graveyard, you can stop an enemy monster attack. Then, while on a graveyard, you can use the Kuriboh Sphere as a sacrifice for summon rituals.

Sonic Bird is another card that is highly recommended for each ritual deck. With this card you can search and retrieve ritual spells from the deck. Now, combined with the Senju of the Thousand Hand effect, you can easily get the monster cards and ritual spells that you need from deck to hand.

That was the way of the summon ritual in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and supporting cards for the ritual deck. As of the time of this writing, the ritual deck itself does not yet have qualified cards (except the Relinquished deck). Well, we just wait for the next update for the game Yu-Gi-Oh! This Duel Links.

Do you have other tips and tricks for the summon ritual? Share Yu-Gi-Oh tips and tricks! Duel Your links in the comments column.

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